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Absoloop Customer Engagement Cloud(CEC) innovates customer engagement experience to the next generation.

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Absoloop CEC offers a complete suite that
powers you with next generation of customer
engagement experience
    Messaging and live chat

    Best experience、efficiency and management power

    • True omnichannel
    • Customers merged across channels
    • 20+ pre-defined themes
    • Search engine landing keyword analysis
    • Active marketing
    • Intelligent quality inspection
    • Intelligent routing
    • Guess you want to ask

    Never offline,save 85% cost

    • Advanced deep learning and machine learning algorithms
    • Transfer learning, reinforcement learning, contrastive learning
    • Drag-and-drop to generate multi-round dialogue
    • Multiple reception modes
    • Human-bot Co Pilot
    • Strategies based answers
    • Table based knowledge graph
    • Emotion recognition and action trigger
    • Pre-built knowledge base/intensions
    • Leads collecting bot
    Video customer service

    The terminator of traditional customer service

    • 5G line, APP SDK, Web, H5
    • Server-side recording
    • Three-party and four-party mode
    • Desktop sharing, interactive whiteboard
    • Shared documents, remote control
    • Third-party integrations
    • Pluggable architecture

    Collaboration throughout the organization

    • Multi-channel ticket center
    • Flexible ticket templates
    • Highly customized workflows
    • Multiple integration solutions
Omnichannel customer service

Support customers across channels

True omnichannel customer service

Customers and their interaction records are integrated
across all channels. Powered by Customer 360 R

Best visitor experience

100+ features and configurations to customize best visitor side
experience ever

The most efficient agent experiences

Work as an agent has never been so delightful. 7 years development,
500 features that power agents with best efficiency

The most powerful management

Full cycle operation management for service forecasting, on-site management
and operation analysis

  • Statistical report with 10+ dimensions and 160 indicators
  • Onsite data screen: real-time operation data and quick insight, enables efficient decision-making
  • Field management with 70+ indicators, multi-dimensional real-time early warnings and intervention tools
  • Intelligent quality inspection combines AI and human to achieve 100% quality control
  • Permission management per tenants, organizational structure, roles and functions. Support unified global operation management: multi-business, multi-workplace, multi-team
The most powerful backend infrastructure

The infrastructure you do not see, but enables you with amazing power

Chatbot, never offline, save 85% cost

Specially trained for customer service industry

  • Precise semantic understanding capabilities based on leading deep learning and traditional machine learning algorithms. Robot intention recognition accuracy rate is 95%+, entity recognition accuracy rate is 98%+, emotion recognition accuracy rate is 95%+
  • Unsupervised pre-training to give robots knowledge of the world. Transfer learning, reinforcement learning, contrastive learning, self-taught learning etc., to greatly reduce the cost of bot construction and maintenance
  • Drag-and-drop to generate multi-round dialogue for complex service scenarios
  • Multiple reception modes: bot first, bot only, human first with overflows to bot, human-bot co pilot
  • Human-bot Co Pilot, automatic detection of visitor intension, real-time reply recommendation or auto-sending
  • Same question can have different answers based on strategies such as location, time, channels and business logics
  • Table based knowledge graph. Third-party knowledge graph integration
  • Emotion recognition and action trigger
  • Guess you want to ask based on user profile and real-time context
  • Advanced knowledge maintenance tools to lower the cost of chatbot management
  • Pre-built knowledge base/intensions for education/finance/e-commerce industries
  • Leads collecting bot, the success rate of getting contact numbers is higher than human agent
The most widely used video customer
service system in the industry

The terminator of traditional customer service

Trusted by over 10,000
customers around the world
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